Find Your Hidden Skills

Everyone born with a set of skills, some of us have unique skills and many of us have some unacknowledged or hidden skills.

How do I know what special skills do I have? This question makes us confuse about our own capabilities.

The illusion is that we know everything about ourselves, however the truth is that many of us doesn’t even know who they are and how important they could be.

How to tackle this situation, for me, there are two simple and quickest ways to identify it;

  1. Go back to your childhood and try recall what all you were good at and what all you were dreaming about your future
  2. Take opinion from others about yourself

The third option is little tricky one, that is monitoring ourselves and identify how can we value add.

Here in this short clip, we have tried to identify the same, lets slowly and patiently go through with it. Hope it will help you to identify a new YOU!!


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Sun-setting of Google + services

Today, someone told me that Google may close its Google + services soon. As a human we are born with curiosity nature, so the question was how to authenticate this news? The irony is, that I decided to check on Google about this. This is because we are so used to about Google, that when it comes to search anything, we right away ask from Google about it.

During search I found various versions of this news, the only thing common in all the pages, that YES it is going to shut down for all the consumers. Mostly the Album, photos, Google + pages, blogs will be affected by this.

As per The Google+ API bug affected the accounts of 52.5 million Google Plus users, therefore this decision came into picture. On Google’s official Keyword blog, David Thacker, Vice President of Product Management for G Suite, explained the decision. Thacker said, “With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs; this will occur within the next 90 days. In addition, we have also decided to accelerate the sun-setting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019.”

Good part is that your Google account, which is linked to services such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps, will continue to work, but your Google+ account, which was only used for the social network, will be deleted.

Since every coin has two faces, this decision too has, if we think a bit, we’ll realize that yes, the security is a big concern now and breaching it, may be a costly affair. You might have heard about “Google slapped with $5 billion fine for Android tactics”.

On the other hand, Google’s data centers have some running cost associated with it. If everyone will continue to utilize Google services for free, how will they be able to make profits. Well you may say that there are ads and paid campaigns etc, which helps Google to earn, I am fine with that, but have you ever thought, that what you are giving Google in return of using it’s services for free?

Think about Google speech recognition system or Google assistance, think about Google Lances, think about Google Maps, think about Google AI, think about Gmail, Think about YouTube, Think about TPUs performance, Think about Google Weather widgets, Think about your Android phones, Think about IOT, rather think about everything which you have used knowingly or unknowingly, you will surely learn that you were not using it’s services for free instead you are the one who made it what Google is today.

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What should I do after 10 + 2?

This question was way too easy back in 80s when our parents were talking about “Science, Commerce and Arts” only. If you have PCM then become an Engineer and if you have PCB then Doctor. Apart from that CA, Lawyer, Teacher and Business were the choices which we used to get. BTW, here business means if you don’t study well then either learn some technical work or open a shop.

Now a day in our country we have almost 850 courses available after 10+2 or 12th. Lots of opportunities in career and various streams availability, however still many students and parents are in 80s and think about two options, Engineer and Doctor. They don’t even know the difference of BE and BTech or full form of MBBS, all they know is Engineer or Doctor. They are ready to do anything to be a part of it. They can spend hefty amount in expensive coaching’s, get admission in high profile institutions etc.

At the end in both cases whether they get admission or not will blame the system and their luck. If all goes well then probably they will be a part of the corporate world and kill their own identity and unique personality.

In this presentation, we have tried to pull all of us back in 2019, so that we can think and plan properly. Leverage all the possible options and opportunities.


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The Teacher

First of all, I am thankful to all the Great Teachers, who had enlightened our life with their knowledge. Who are building the world’s future. Who feel proud when their students are making great achievements.

No other profession is near to teaching profession, where the senior feels proud, when his/her junior touches the height of success.

No one can ever fill the place of a Great Teacher.

The world may run without a Doctor or an Engineer, but assuming a world without a teacher is next to impossible.

On the other hand, there are very high expectation from the teachers as well.

If I see today, then the “Work from Home” policy facilitates parents to spend more and more time with their children than ever before. At the same time the ugly truth is that the same parent doesn’t have time for their children.


Because these parents have to watch TV shows, movies, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, twitter. Because these parent’s priorities are very simple;

  1. Earn lots of money
  2. If cannot pay from the earning, then take loan but don’t compromise
  3. Sleep the most
  4. Be social all the time
  5. Pay hefty fees to schools
  6. Give smart phones or devices to kids to make them smarter
  7. Force them to be mannered without forcing ourselves to be polite
  8. Give hand full of money to them
  9. Put them on the path of lavish life style

I can go on and on. Let me get back to the topic;

Thanks to our nuclear families’ fashion, which let our child out of their grandparent’s reach. By this we are saving them to become humanitarian and stealing their childhood.


Because probably we want a corporate kid in our house rather than a normal or an ordinary child.

Well in all these cases, all the responsibilities willingly or unwillingly comes over to our teacher’s shoulders.

These teachers are actually the real HEROs of the society now. They are the one who are building the nation, they are the one, who are trying to make us remain in human gene.   

We can’t thank enough to them for what they are doing for us.

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Let Your Credentials Do the Talking

Does a kid know why is he/she forced to go to school? At least I wasn’t and I believe most of us doesn’t. I agree exceptions are there.

So after schooling many kids used to realize their interest and capabilities, they by this time know what they want and what / who they want to be. However as per the current trend anyone who needs to start his/her career has to have some credentials with them. These certifications and credentials are basically act as passport. Until and unless someone doesn’t have a passport how will he/she be able to travel to other countries? Then the second number is of visa. The more countries visa you have, the better on time opportunity you may grab.

Similarly, our credentials work for us. They tell about ourselves, our interest, our capabilities, our passion, our learning curve and the most important is our career path.

What else?

Well these credentials also tell about our seniority and sincerity because as we move along with our career, we keep on learning more and more along with that many of us dare to win the medal or earn the credentials.

Keep learning!!

Keep Adding!!

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Career choice after 10+2 / 12th

There are almost 850 courses available in India after 10+2. Where as many of us think about only three options;

  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts

If we closely look towards the situation, then we’ll realize that, these are not the options but the base to help us select right career path.

Lets understand a bit more about these options and see which stream is made for us.

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Together We Discover

Knowledge Sharing

“Together we Discover”, most of us might be thinking that any invention was done by a single person and many of us agreed with it, however for the sake of argument if it was the case then how that knowledge sustained so far? Was that transitioned to the inventor’s family? But then how world reached to its next level?

Well from my prospective the idea might be evolved individually but to make it live, a dedicated team had worked. They had learnt together, got right skills in place, got right certification and given shape to that idea.

This means; together we discover, together we learn and together we grow. Behind all these the key is to spread knowledge, share it and get to its next level.


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SAAT – Next Level

We are glad to announce that we are now moving to another level of career counselling for freshers as well as those who are any profession.

The idea to show how one can balance his / her life during the hectic hours also to show his / her hidden skills which is somewhere dumped during the professional time line and other social responsibilities.

We are finding simple and quicker ways of self-branding, providing launchpad to startup also showing ways of easy promotions.

Wish us luck to help those who are really in need of it and those who want to achieve something in their day to day life.

Lets show the world ourselves and utilize our hidden skills as a career!


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Canada Express Entry Program

Get the Canada PR

For the past couple of years many youngsters are trying their luck for Canada PR. Few of them have got success, few didn’t and few are still confused about it.

If you search over Google or YouTube, you will find it flooded with lots of information and person’s personal experiences. Since everyone’s situation and circumstances are not same, so sometimes it is not essential that their way will 100% work for others as well. So the better idea will be to find the common among all and apply logics before taking first step. Now the question is what is common and who is right to follow. In such situation, the best option is to hear right from that horse’s mouth.

  • Visit Canadian Official site, navigate it in detail. It has everything for one who want to apply
  • Without fail navigate the immigration section
  • Get ready the pre-requisite, such as passport
  • Understand the total cost involved to get the PR, such as
    1. IELTS exam fee
    2. WES Basic Education Credential Assessment (ECA)
    3. Transcripts Print, attestation & shipping to World Education Services (WES) from your university
    4. Submitting your e-APR application post-ITA
  • Plan about the total duration involved in the whole procedure
  • Most important, understanding of the “Comprehensive Ranking System”, which will be the Go NO Go decision making system

Once you have all these information and doubts cleared, you may think of applying it.

Remember the IELTS or language test can be the game changer for you because this is the only test, which can help you either achieve more points or lose the game. Take it seriously.

Here are few links which may help you in detail.

Last month we had also organized almost eleven 45 minutes’ webinar sessions over this topic to guide and help those who are lacking behind. We are planning few more sessions over this topic only in case if you want to join.



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Your information is confidential and strictly for our records only

Now a day it is getting common to share all our critical information, such as our ids, passport number, account details, phone numbers, mail id, address, blood group etc. to various purposes to various authorities. However, we are still in an illusion that our information is secure and with us.

Let’s assume that all this information we are providing for various reasons to others, those who are committing, “these data is secure with them”, how come after few weeks or months we start receiving calls from various call centers to sell their products to us? BTW, believe this is very basic level of data theft.


Try by your own, search on Google “get personal information” and you’ll see your contacts, if you are using the Google products (Gmail, Android etc.) followed by various methods to get someone’s personal information.


In case of trying Bing, “get personal information”, the results will show the methods of getting the personal information of anyone. All these are very open and available, despite various notes and instructions to secure our data.


The hacking and greed of money are getting common day by day. We used to listen about photo leak, data leak and data theft etc. and move on. I know, the cybercrime cell is there to deal with it but they are not getting instruction directly by angels about the theft, in real it has to be reported and the victim has to make him/herself ready for the endless fight against this. Mental trauma, unnecessary time waste, changes of planned activities etc.


At the end, if the culprit gets caught, so what, will it pay the tension and mental harassment the victim has gone through “NO”, so instead of taking easy step, we have to identify a solid solution to get rid of identity theft. Till then think before believing and sharing anything or everything.

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