GPS is a very common word now. Everyone even a kid knows about it. Anyone who is travelling or in transit may looking for the GPS signals on their smart phones. Most of the people know, that there is something which is called GPS helps them to reach to their destination. 🙂


If we go by the definition, then GPS is an abbreviation for `global positioning system’, which is a system that uses signals from satellites to find out the position of an object. Now what is satellites? And how is it sending signal to our phone? 😀 We’ll discuss sometime later on this topic.


Recently in Google IO 2018, we have learnt about the new GPS system, rather smarter GPS system, which will help us to know, where we are and where we want to go. It is basically using the phones camera and start guiding you about the right direction and location. It will identify the place you are at and will let you know if you heading to the right direction or not. Basically for me it looks like that Google has made their Lens smarter and integrated it with the maps

Visual Positioning System


Once you face the camera towards the roads and building, it will guide you, where to go from here. On the other hand the Local Guides are keep on improving the Google maps with their reviews and photos to make this VPS (Visual Positioning System) more smarter and better.


I think sooner or later, we’ll start talking and seeking about the VPS signals instead of GPS, eventually it will be GPS though. 😀