Recently Yahoo has decided to give rest to world’s oldest and one of the most popular messenger service on July 17th. Yes you learnt it right, it is Yahoo Messenger only.

I haven’t used it for a while, however after knowing this, I feel sad as this was the first messenger I have used for almost 10 years. It used to have lots of great features. The video calls were working even over the 128 kbps or dial-up network back in Y2K.

Today there are so many competitors of Yahoo messenger, struggling to achieve the same respect and popularity as Yahoo messenger had. I believe it will take them ages to get up to that level, where the YM was. I think the biggest credit goes to whatsapp, which is close to the YM level. It is not providing all those features, which YM does, still it has somewhere similar thought process behind it.

What do we learn from YM shut down, have you ever thought about it?

For me, it is the “continuous improvement” phenomena, which was somewhere broken during the YM transformation journey. I think one should always think about the improvement prospective of anything and everything, that’s the key. It all together a different argument whether improvement is in the right direction or not. There is also a solution though and that is audit, customer satisfaction survey and suggestions from the users, however I’ll not go in those details for now.

I wish best of luck to Yahoo for the YM replacement “Squirrel”, but getting up to YM level will be a challenge.