Micro management is a bit common in today’s world. Most of the time, we don’t realize, when this micro-management turned into Nano-management. Let’s understand the Nano-management.

For me the Nano-management is, when the manager starts poking in our routine life such as what we eat, when to sleep, where to go, whom to sit, whom to follow, how every sentence of the presentation should look like, which movie to watch etc. too much of involvement in day to day life, be it on duty or off duty hours.
Sometimes it is good for the company, as the company will get the same trendy output what it was getting from the manager and now getting from us, however sometimes it is like killing someone’s personality and making him/her a toddler.


I don’t know what those managers have in their mind, while treating their subordinates like that, but I am sure, they want better output, quality results and on time delivery. They probably want zero tolerance in their project with superb quality of output.


On the other hand, what about those subordinates, who are working under the Nano-management web. I think if the duration is long, then they must be losing all their innovative capabilities and become more dependent over their managers along with hiding themselves in comfort zone, whereas if the duration is less, then these members will become a gem if they take this Nano-management properly and positively.


This Nano-management may help a team member to learn more from their manager’s experience along with grooming himself. This can become a booster for him / her for the new opportunity.

Now it’s up to us, how we release which type of management is with us and how we can leverage the benefits from it to groom our future.

Best of Luck!!