Does a kid know why is he/she forced to go to school? At least I wasn’t and I believe most of us doesn’t. I agree exceptions are there.

So after schooling many kids used to realize their interest and capabilities, they by this time know what they want and what / who they want to be. However as per the current trend anyone who needs to start his/her career has to have some credentials with them. These certifications and credentials are basically act as passport. Until and unless someone doesn’t have a passport how will he/she be able to travel to other countries? Then the second number is of visa. The more countries visa you have, the better on time opportunity you may grab.

Similarly, our credentials work for us. They tell about ourselves, our interest, our capabilities, our passion, our learning curve and the most important is our career path.

What else?

Well these credentials also tell about our seniority and sincerity because as we move along with our career, we keep on learning more and more along with that many of us dare to win the medal or earn the credentials.

Keep learning!!

Keep Adding!!