First of all, I am thankful to all the Great Teachers, who had enlightened our life with their knowledge. Who are building the world’s future. Who feel proud when their students are making great achievements.

No other profession is near to teaching profession, where the senior feels proud, when his/her junior touches the height of success.

No one can ever fill the place of a Great Teacher.

The world may run without a Doctor or an Engineer, but assuming a world without a teacher is next to impossible.

On the other hand, there are very high expectation from the teachers as well.

If I see today, then the “Work from Home” policy facilitates parents to spend more and more time with their children than ever before. At the same time the ugly truth is that the same parent doesn’t have time for their children.


Because these parents have to watch TV shows, movies, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, twitter. Because these parent’s priorities are very simple;

  1. Earn lots of money
  2. If cannot pay from the earning, then take loan but don’t compromise
  3. Sleep the most
  4. Be social all the time
  5. Pay hefty fees to schools
  6. Give smart phones or devices to kids to make them smarter
  7. Force them to be mannered without forcing ourselves to be polite
  8. Give hand full of money to them
  9. Put them on the path of lavish life style

I can go on and on. Let me get back to the topic;

Thanks to our nuclear families’ fashion, which let our child out of their grandparent’s reach. By this we are saving them to become humanitarian and stealing their childhood.


Because probably we want a corporate kid in our house rather than a normal or an ordinary child.

Well in all these cases, all the responsibilities willingly or unwillingly comes over to our teacher’s shoulders.

These teachers are actually the real HEROs of the society now. They are the one who are building the nation, they are the one, who are trying to make us remain in human gene.   

We can’t thank enough to them for what they are doing for us.