This question was way too easy back in 80s when our parents were talking about “Science, Commerce and Arts” only. If you have PCM then become an Engineer and if you have PCB then Doctor. Apart from that CA, Lawyer, Teacher and Business were the choices which we used to get. BTW, here business means if you don’t study well then either learn some technical work or open a shop.

Now a day in our country we have almost 850 courses available after 10+2 or 12th. Lots of opportunities in career and various streams availability, however still many students and parents are in 80s and think about two options, Engineer and Doctor. They don’t even know the difference of BE and BTech or full form of MBBS, all they know is Engineer or Doctor. They are ready to do anything to be a part of it. They can spend hefty amount in expensive coaching’s, get admission in high profile institutions etc.

At the end in both cases whether they get admission or not will blame the system and their luck. If all goes well then probably they will be a part of the corporate world and kill their own identity and unique personality.

In this presentation, we have tried to pull all of us back in 2019, so that we can think and plan properly. Leverage all the possible options and opportunities.