Why do we do a JOB?

Interesting, while I was trying to search the answer of this question, “why do I do a job?” I found various answers such as;

  • A job will full fill my daily needs
  • Will help grow my career
  • Will become wealthier
  • Can purchase a new car may be after few years
  • May be in next few years, will be able to purchase a small home
  • Because I have certain knowledge so I have to do a job


What I didn’t found;

  • Will I be loving my job?
  • Will my family love me if I go for job?
  • Will job be able to secure my future?
  • Will I be able to full fill all my needs via a job?
  • Will I become healthier if I continue a job?
  • My friends will give me more respect if I go for a job?
  • Will I be able to spend more time with my loved ones?
  • Will I get beyond expectation rating?
  • Will I get the highest bonus and salary raise?
  • Will I be doing what I wanted to do?

The list is long of such questions.


In my personal opinion, one can help us by guiding and telling us about our strengths and weakness, however rest of the answers we have to find by our own.


Initially when we start the job, we used to be very excited, no matter whether we love the job or not and eventually all of us tried to put all the effort to learn new things and processes from the company, feeling proud to have a job. However as the time elapse, we start either loving the job or looking for other job, which we may love.


For those who are fortunate and get such a job, which they might love, become loyal to the company and spend most of their life in that company. This helps them eventually learn many new things and making them a process champion. However few of them later on starts looking for the answer of the above questions. Some of them are lucky enough to get most of the answers, whereas few among them are left hanging.


In both the cases, whether we love our job or not but if we are doing the job for almost 40 to 45 years of our life span, have we ever thought, what will happen after that? Some of us takes it lightly by saying who will live that long but the bitter truth is that almost 80% of us will. What will happen then?


I think this is one of the question, why so many entrepreneur are available now days. Many of them are still looking for the answers and few of them are indirectly just doing the job by only changing the label.


What do you think?

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Thanks for your valuable suggestions!!!

Thanks all for your positive feedback’s and suggestions for “Saatpro” blogs.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tariq (the morning star Venus), full name Qazi Mohammad Tariq the current author of these blogs. You can see me in the Red Tee on the home page.

My forefathers were Qazi (a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice), so the legacy continued and I got “Qazi” as my sir name. Professionally, I am more into technologies. Started my career in IT industry and spent almost 17 years before writing these articles.



I have received many comments, some of the readers want to connect to me directly, I’ll request them to kindly drop me a note over info@saatpro.com. Yes, I am on twitter with “@qazimtariq”, however not much active there.

There were many requests about the length of the article. I appreciate and respect your suggestions. For now I would like to keep it concise and want to share thoughts in nut shell as I believe that now a days, the only thing which no one can get more or increase is TIME. I don’t want anyone to spend their precious time for me. I’ll certainly try to write some lengthy articles later.


The subscription option will be added later, so that if you want, you can get yourselves subscribed. The “fGymm Theme by WordPress” is used in this blog, it is freely available, if you want you can also get it and implement over your blogs.


The other questions were about the blog site, please feel free to drop a note to info@saatpro.com, I’ll try to revert with relative information. If you want me to get such blogs developed for you, I’ll engage someone to get it done, however it might be chargeable 🙂

Best and Kindest Regards;

S: Saapro.com

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L: Saatpro LinkedIn Page

Y: Saatpro YouTube Channel

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9 hours shift

Most of the offices trying to ripe most of the productive hours from their employees. Many among these offices are doing it by fixing the time in followed by spending at least 9 hours in the office premises. However post 9 hours, there is no guarantee that the employee will go home though. Some of the offices such as support centers does have fix in and fix out timing, however out of every 9 hours employee spent in office, his/her productive hours are always more than 8 hours, because they barely get time to have lunch or go for nature call. Maximum time, they used to have their lunch in front of their system.

On the same row, there is another category, which is getting very popular now a days, it is 9 hours office shift followed 24×7 on call support. It means, no matter where you are, you have to always be ready for your office calls and you have no choice but to pick the call and provide the solution then and there. Office will not responsible, whether you are in a function or at a funeral, you have to take the call.

In the past few years, we have noticed, so many doctors suddenly started talking about the health issues, sleeplessness, back pain, BP, sugar, heart attach etc. lots of articles are all over the newspapers, magazines and internet about raising such health issues. All are pointing these reasons for our health issues;

  • Stress
  • Eating too late in the evening
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Not sleeping on a regular schedule, due to work or travel
  • An irregular sleep schedule
  • Sleeping during the day
  • A job that involves working at night
  • Lack of exercise
  • Using electronic devices like laptops and cell phones in bed
  • Having a sleep environment with too much noise or light
  • A recent job loss
  • Excitement about an upcoming event
  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Cold medicines
  • Diet pills

In most of the cases, lack of proper sleep is the main culprit and I don’t thing any office will pay for sleeping. Of course, offices does provide medical insurance, but will that enough for employees to put themselves on stack.

It’s time to think again, where are we heading to. We should recheck the facts about the growth rate of health issues instead of our financial status. As our health and mental stability is above all. Once we have it, maybe we can enjoy everything, but if we don’t, then everything is useless.

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VPS – Visual Position System

GPS is a very common word now. Everyone even a kid knows about it. Anyone who is travelling or in transit may looking for the GPS signals on their smart phones. Most of the people know, that there is something which is called GPS helps them to reach to their destination. 🙂


If we go by the definition, then GPS is an abbreviation for `global positioning system’, which is a system that uses signals from satellites to find out the position of an object. Now what is satellites? And how is it sending signal to our phone? 😀 We’ll discuss sometime later on this topic.


Recently in Google IO 2018, we have learnt about the new GPS system, rather smarter GPS system, which will help us to know, where we are and where we want to go. It is basically using the phones camera and start guiding you about the right direction and location. It will identify the place you are at and will let you know if you heading to the right direction or not. Basically for me it looks like that Google has made their Lens smarter and integrated it with the maps

Visual Positioning System


Once you face the camera towards the roads and building, it will guide you, where to go from here. On the other hand the Local Guides are keep on improving the Google maps with their reviews and photos to make this VPS (Visual Positioning System) more smarter and better.


I think sooner or later, we’ll start talking and seeking about the VPS signals instead of GPS, eventually it will be GPS though. 😀


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Local Guide

We are visiting so many places regularly, these visits can be personal or professional. In the past, we used to ask people who are either living at that place or had been there before, while we were planning to visit the new place.

Google Local Guide

I think for more than 5 years now, we are using the maps to get the right directions and to know more about the new places. Have we ever thought, how Google, Nokia, Apple knows about all these places and guide us? May be some of us will say, that they are using satellites and getting all the directions and pictures, well yes, I don’t deny that, but who is writing reviews and giving ratings? I am sure those are not satellites. Those must be human being. 🙂

As per Google, these humans are called Local Guides, who are uploading the images, videos and sharing the reviews about the places. In other words, the Local Guides are actually those who are along with Google helping us to reach to the place and know about the place, which is new to us or we may want to know about that place.

These Local Guides in other words are helping the Google AI to be smarter and helpful for everyone who is going to use the Google map or seeking the reviews and directions. And once we reach to the desired place, we can also share our views over the Google map along with ratings to help others to take right decision. By doing this, we’ll be also a part of the Google Helping Team.



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24 hours a day

There are so much is going on around the world, every tick and every tock of the clock is bringing something new and innovative. Looks like 24 hours a day is not enough, as we are growing our productivity. Information tsunami is here.

Almost 27,831 TV channels are broadcasting round the clock. Which means 6, 67,944 hours a day and more and more channels are about to start. On the other hand 300 hours of videos are getting uploaded over YouTube at every single minute, which means 4, 32, 000 hours a day. The companies are now a days working 24×7 and still struggling with deadlines. Apart from all these, there are various personal and professional training’s going one and it’s human to learn and to watch and we want to learn most of the thing. Now the problem here is that we can spare a maximum of 12 to 14 productive hours a day for few years in our life, if we leave our social responsibilities. However the big question is do we have time? Is 24 hours a day enough for us?

I think, if we even start working with the light speed then also the day will be shorten and we’ll have to leave many things which are happening across the globe. It gets confusing, what to watch, what to do and what not to do. This is getting difficult day by day as what we like, we might not be learning that and what we are learning, we might not be liking. We are just pushing and pushing to keep ourselves busy and pretending to secure our “future”. Think again, are we really securing our future, because as any new technology comes in, old one goes out.


So what’s the conclusion then? Do we really have conclusion? I’ll leave it open, please feel free to share your thoughts.


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Learning from Training

Learning is the key to success. Doesn’t matter what, where and when are you learning.

Classroom Tarining

Most of the time, due to interest or professional need, one undergoes through the desired training program. These training programs might be different from each other. The tools and technique might varies from one training session to another, however at the end of the day what matters is, was that specific training useful / helpful or was it just a paper work?

Now a days, various methods are available to make the learning program easier and impacted, so that its impression will last more. That’s the reason suddenly we are seeing lots of programs for video creation and animation are at its peak.

On the other hand classroom training is still in fashi

on and consider another effective way of learning. Do we know the reason?

I think classroom training still lasting for a while, because students are paying more attention in classroom in comparison to webinar or home learning. If we use all these animation, training videos in classroom training, in my opinion, it will have double the impact than the webinar or home learning.

To buildup student’s confidence and increase the learning impact, the classroom training should also include assignments and practical sessions. This will establish the two way communication and mutual understanding between the students and the subject, which they want to learn. It certainly will bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge.

Let’s think again and analyze ourselves about how can we learn better?



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Future is here!!

Google entering in Medical arena

Google has recently took another step towards making their AI smarter and quicker. It is not only performing the action quickly but wisely as well. Like most of us has already noticed during our Video search and audio search, which Google has implemented last year, some of us are so used to about the auto suggested replies in our mail by AI that we haven’t even realized it. Take an example of Google LensAI is boon for all of us.

Google has upgraded the TPU, which gives way more speedy response. From this July on wards, every one of us will realize the smarter way of writing / responding emails via Gmail. All the current medical apps and software should start thinking about the improvement as Google has entered in this arena to save precious time of doctors and patients.

The Google assistance will now be available in six different voices and there are chances, while you ask some task to be performed by Google assistance, it may make a telephone call on your behalf to book your reservation / appointment and update you with the status.

This is the time to be a part of this Sci-Fi world. Better to buckle up and get ready!!

Watch the Google I/O for more details.


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Promoting your products

Best way of free marketing

There are so many ways available now a days to promote your products. This can be free or paid.

Now when it comes to paid promotions, usually people are trying to avoid it at the first place and start looking for the options of free promotions. This free promotions can be telling about your products to your social networking site, professional site, group chats etc, but I don’t think it will even cover 0.1 % of the market by this way until and unless your product is rock solid, unique and highly in demand. You may say that “I have asked all my friends and relatives to keep on sharing it over their social networking place” but do you really think all others except you have ample amount of time to do that? Or they are so eager to promote your product like anything. In many cases the answer is “No”.

I believe if your product is unique and there is no other competitor then you may rely on free promotions but in case your product is not unique or excellent in quality then better to think about the paid promotions.

Lets take an example: Facebook, very well know social networking site or a product by Mark Zuckerberg. Was there a paid promotions when it was started? The answer is “No”.

Is there a paid promotions now? The answer is “Yes” even though people are using Facebook, still paid promotions now?

Even there are few other products, which haven’t done any promotions still capturing a big chunk of market such as “Xiaomi MI”. No big adds only quality products based on the customer’s need and in budget.

Alright, now which promotion is effective, paid or free? The answer is simple, if the product is unique, excellent in quality and filling market the demand then the best marking is when someone hear about your product straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Summer Training

We are planning have a 30 hours of training sessions with all those who are either planning to start their career in IT industry or preparing themselves to join big CMMI level IT company.


The idea of this training popped up as, many new comers are not exactly aware of what sort of special talent they have and how to improve it. They usually have bigger dreams and want to achieve something quickly, however while joining the work team, sometimes they feel shy expressing themselves. At the same time they used to take much time to understand the company’s process and policies. This makes them confused about what they wanted to do and what are they actually doing here. Due to this confusion, they are lacking in confidence. This confusing state of mind making their team less result oriented and gradually making them misfit for the project. Gradually as the time passes they used to learn things and start making their own choice but this will be at the cost of losing precious time.


On the other hand, those who wanted to be a part of more process oriented teams are lacking behind due to not having proper information about the process and not understanding the importance of the existing processes.


This small training is one of its kind, actually will help a bit to everyone. It will allow to get the overview of many things at one spot. Under one umbrella, one can easily understand the value of certain well known processes, such as Agile, ITIL, PMP etc, along with understanding the importance of the documentation, chronology of even. The most important is audit, which will make everyone to understand the value of processes. Having said that, it will also help the beginners to stand face to face to the actual world and be productive from the day one. This will not just stop here but allow companies to hire right team member for their projects and reduce the time and cost of the project.


Please leave comment or query in the comment section.


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