Every one of us might have heard about the innovative ideas and some of us may have lots of innovative ideas, however hesitant to share it with the world. Sometime while seeing something new, we used to say “this is exactly what I was thinking or planning to do”.

What I think, we should at least share our ideas without thinking that people may laugh on us or this might be obsolete idea, no one like it, will not get royalty, should patent it first then share etc. I think, all the ideas are equal while those are in the form of an idea. Once it starts taking it shape, then we may think about its weight.

Today whatever so called technology we have, is all about the ideas only. In today’s world business are coming up with new ideas only to sell their product to develop new things.

Let’s take Virgin as an example: It had started their flight service and stared serving ice cream in the plan. Well serving ice cream was just an idea and many was laughing over it, but it had great impact and was the key of Virgin flight’s success story. Later they came up with an idea of commercial space tour, which looks almost impossible, still many investors had invested in this idea. Though the space ride will be for just 4 minutes, still it was a great idea and Virgin team is working on to convert this idea into reality.

On the other hand people had purchased more than 300 million acers of land on the moon via Lunar Land Company.

All these were just an idea and we can see the impact of these ideas.

Start now and share your ideas, it may change the world the way it is crawling now.