I don’t know how this thought crawled in my mind, but honestly I think a good project manager will definitely be a good driver.

You may agree with this, that a driver has to be very conscious while driving specially in two cases

  • While s/he is driving the busiest area and
  • While s/he is driving at a very high speed

Let’s think again. While someone among us plans a road trip, s/he start calculating everything, for example: time to start, time to finish, traffic status, road blocks, bottle neck, when to start, cost of the trip, point to take break, passengers who are riding with, backup plan, lesson learnt from others experiences etc.

In project management, a project manager is also calculating everything, time, budget, resources, back logs, sprints, RACI, Project manual, Lesson learnt, PMO documents etc. A mature PM calculate and think almost about everything and anything, similarly a good driver plans and thinks about everything, which can make his/her ride easier and on time completion without any delays.

I recall, one of my onsite client PM was once saying that he used to put 2 extra car tyres while his wife goes to her in laws so that if any tyre gets sliced, it can be replaced right away. Likewise a smart PM always strengthen the knowledge sharing and lesson learnt process to avoid and gap.

The only thing I am not sure if a driver becomes a project manager or not. Eventually s/he is a project manager though if s/he has to meet the criteria of being a Good Driver.


Keep thinking and let me know your thoughts.