Our Services

Currently SAAT is providing various services in the IT sector. From specific product development to in-house software support.
Here is the list of activities, which we are focusing as of now;

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Promotions & Sales


Full Application Testing

IT Infrastructure

Hardware, Data Center & Cloud solutions

Designing & Animation

In-house Product Training and Presentation


Website,ERP,SOA,Banking,Health Care,IDM,IOS & Android Apps


Application Notifications & Application Warning

Want to know more

We are offering many in-house IT support and maintenance services. We have various range of customizable,
fully functional products. Our learning team is readily available for production development and support.

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No surprises

We work proactively instead of reactively. We analyze the application and add check points to avoid incidents or
surprises in the live system. We avoid last minute changes in the running system until it becomes real critical to the client

Any incident is directly associated with revenue. It should be less than 2% of the up time.

App User

Do we have lesson learnt to avoid similar incidents again and again? Resolution time has to reduce.

Ticketing System

Why should we get effected by the down time? Time is money. We can’t afford it.

Online Banking