Have we ever thought how important are we? May be while negotiating the salary we might have thought 10% about it or may be while spending money thinking a bit about it but as a whole do we really know our importance. I think 85% of us don’t. Let’s give it a thought.


Start with your morning, now a day many of use pick our phone and check the updates, messages, news etc. followed by our routine activities. Knowingly or unknowingly we are actually forced to do so, wondering how.


Let’s think again, whatever we are purchasing today, spending time over apps, TV / YouTube channels, travelling, eating, drinking are actually directly or indirectly forced over us to use. All these are happening via advertisements. Sometime our friend might be recommending something from his/her experience or sometime a model / actor recommending something to us. Sometime the product’s cost or service cost forces us to go with it whereas sometimes our comfort zone forces us to spend over it.


As per Forbes, females are shopping more than males do. I think that’s make more sense as they find themselves different than other. They find themselves unique. Being a male, I think male find themselves simple and like other. So sometimes they become an easy target of these influences.


Long story short, I strongly believe that everyone of us irrespective of gender are unique. If you still have doubt then check your retina, finger print and DNA, you’ll find yourself unique. And if we are unique then every individual are important and master of various skills.


Remember those who had discovered their importance are satisfied and successful. Now it’s time for us to recognize ourselves.