Do you have a solution to save your car from crow’s shit? At least I don’t. You may think what am I up to today but believe me this is one of the most irritating thing.

Let’s talk about the practical scenario, you have prepared everything for your QBR or MBR, all the SLA reports, Incident’s RCAs are intact, the sprints are on time, however there was some shift timing minor issues, which has nothing to do with the QBR or MBR.

Now your QBR or MBR started, everything goes well, all the responsible stakeholder were going with the flow until this guy spoke up about the shift timing issues. All the discussion has started circling around this topic only and you were asked as an action item to prepare the RCA for this issue, which was nothing to do with this meet at all.

As a smart Project Manager or Program Manager you might have tried to smoothen the flow, however some clients are hard to turn. So now how will you save your car from crow’s shit? Remember this crow’s gift is less in quantity but it spoils all the charm of your beautiful car.

There could possibly two ways of doing it,

  • Explain everything upfront
  • Do not avoid a single piece of information, be it minor or major, while presenting yourself in front of the world

If you have any other, options, kindly do share.