Many of us might have observed during our IT tenure that we were micro-managed by our manager. Obviously many of us doesn’t liked it, but was that by any means helpful in our career path?

I am not in favor of micro-management, however I do believe that sometimes it is necessary to be in place to achieve the right and on time results. Especially for the support projects.

Micromanagement does have some pros and cons, however I am not going to discuss all that. What I feel the biggest plus of micromanagement is to achieve what the management or the manager wants to achieve. Apple is one of the best example for it, where Steve had put everything on stake to achieve what he wanted to. As a result, world got Apple products, which are almost like Gem.

In many such scenarios where team members are getting micromanaged by the manager, losing their own innovative thoughts, growth and confidence. On the other hand many of them are learning lots from their manager and keep a note of what they like, what is right as per them and what is not. Those who survives this period successfully and mug-up the lesson learnt are actually becoming the real gem in the industry.

In-short those who are afraid of being micro-managed, don’t be. Everything must come with some lesson. Grab it, learn it and move on.