Artificial Intelligence

We used to hear about many personality that they are very intelligent or brilliant, some are knowledgeable and some are taking wise decision. In the upcoming world, we may not listen these as we are getting more and more dependent over the artificial intelligence.

We are now more focused towards the data analysis. We are taking decisions based on the captured data, lesson learnt and historical data. Especially while purchasing any product, we used to see its detail, such as who is the manufacturer, what are used to get the product to get it’s shape and the most important user’s review, star rating.

All these are part of artificial intelligence and helping everyone to take wise decision.

There was saying, “If you are not wise then at least have wise people around you” now the wise people’s advance form is artificial intelligence.


We used to watch lots of videos and movies, however do we remember each and every scenes from all those videos or movies?

Whenever some part of the movie or a clip of a video shown to use, we used to recall the whole movie, which we might have seen a while ago but if someone ask at what point that particular scene was in the movie, it may be a bit difficult for us to recall.

Usually we remember part of any movie or recall it as a story instead of a time line. At some point of time if we will be asked to search a particular scene from a 3 hour movie, we may find it as a tedious job. And imagine if we will be asked to search a particular action performed by an actor from all of his movies J well we may take ages to first search the list of movies he had worked on then finding that particular action. Good part is that here AI will helps us.

Recently Google had made it easy for us. They has developed there system and trained it so well that this kind of search is possible now. It is totally based on the data analysis and return precise results in a fraction of second. All we need to do is, use their APIs to make it happen for us. Here is the URL for the same



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The Boss

The Boss

It’s a common perception that many bosses are horrible. Once you allow someone to talk about their boss, they come up with different names and define their bosses by specific words. Most of the time it becomes a reality that bosses are bad due to various reasons, let’s not go in that details, but do you agree with this perception?

For me, the bosses are basically our teacher and well-wisher. Now this sounds horrible isn’t it? Well actually this is true. Don’t think that I am defending the bosses because I am not. I am trying to present the other phase of the coin.

In general practice all the bosses’ want results as per their expectation. They do have their bosses and they are also expecting the same from them. Since they are the bridge between client, you and their bosses, they want to make things right, on time and as per the expected output. They used to be under more pressure then you. At this point their nature of making pressure over you to get the right deliverable is natural and accepted. They don’t want their client to be disappointed because of the hard effort added by you, they do try to avoid re-work and at the same point they do defend you in front of the management.

Most of the bosses are actually like that only and hence they do keep on educating you, making you robust so that when you reach to their level, you can easily handle this much of pressure.

For the sake of argument, let’s consider that your boss is not good as per your perception. Think about what qualities are you looking for, in him/her? What’s expectation from your boss? In a nut shell what do you want your boss to be look like?

If you are done with your expectation list, now think, will the assigned task be complete as per the expected quality and timelines, once the boss will behave exactly the way you want him to behave?

Before you go to the conclusion, you need to understand that you are only seeing the bigger picture and may be just the limited part of the project, instead of a complete project, you might be interacting with limited team members instead of multiple teams and higher management or clients.

There is a chance that you are correct, however most of the time, you may not. Do you think that the Boss is privileged like you? Actually NO, the Bosses are not even allowed to be wrong. They have to be right and they have to make things right. That is why Boss are always the Boss.

Not agreed, think about your school teacher, think about your parents, think about your elders, think about leaders, who are they? In some or the other, they are somewhere behaving exactly the same way as your bosses are. They are ordering you, controlling you, making you learn, forcing to follow rule, making you to be on right track, they are actually behaving like a boss and so will you, once you wear these caps.


Be a Great Boss!!


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Understanding the Client

Understanding the client is the most important part of the business. If we don’t understand our clients then we may not be able to deliver the quality products.

Client are usually having certain ideas, which they want to give a shape. It is totally up to us, how we help them to get their ideas to be converted into a better shape.

Here is a good article about understanding our clients.

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TMB – Taqwa Marriage is a dedicated Matrimonial Portal for Muslims.

This “TMB” portal is on a mission to help all those who are looking for the right partner for themselves. It was developed and promoted keeping the Islamic preaching in mind. TMB wanted to reach all those people, who are either ready to get married, over age or divorced. Since marriage is an important part of Islam, so everyone who has reached to its age to get married, should look for the partner.

Now a days, due to various reasons, the marriage’s priority is degraded. Few are very common, such as in males, they want to settle down first, similarly in females, they want to achieve something in their carrier first. To achieve all these, knowingly or unknowingly they pass the age of marriage and skipping this important part of Islamic preaching.

Allah is our creator and he knows what is needed for us better than we do. That’s why we should go by the book of Islam and follow it to get a successful life in this world and hereafter.


Unmarried or divorced brothers should step up and end the unislamic customs and tradition. Stop the dowry and huge expenses on their marriages. Make it simpler instead of complex and expensive. At the same time, unmarried and divorced sisters should step up and talk to their elders to get married. Spread the Islamic preaching about marriage.

TMB is providing a small platform to you all for this revolution. Please come forward and register yourselves.


Here is the small 10 minutes presentation for you about the TMB portal. TMB Intro – in English, TMB Intro – Urdu / Hindi


Also you can find the complete process flow, how TMB works from here. TMB Process


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IT Road map for the Institute of Objective Studies

Recently I had to prepare a short IT road map for the Institute of Objective Studies “IOS”.

IOS preform various of activities toward the betterment of the future. They have multiple precious scriptures and valuable books in treasures. Many of us might not aware that for the past 32 years of it’s existence, IOS has gathered the most precious research data. These data are not limited to a particular issue or community instead it is a Pandora box, which has whole world within.

Now from the IT solution point of view and towards betterment of the upcoming researchers, we “saatpro” has proposed the IOS digitization in the form of IT road map to IOS. It will be a transformation from analog to digital, from hard copies to soft copies, from limited access to selected access, in other word a migration towards a revolution!!

Here is the 10 minutes high level road map to bring this treasure infront of the world. IT Roadmap transition for IOS ,  IT Roadmap of IOS


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